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25/10/2012 / Tamara

My first Bizarro novella is coming next month!

I’m happy to announce that my first Bizarro novella, Her Fingers, comes out next 15th November under Eraserhead Press’ imprint NEW BIZARRO AUTHOR SERIES, along with 5 other promising new authors. Her Fingers is my earliest work and it’s very dear to me. It’s a cursed story about a witch who is under the influence of an evil substance. I’m very excited about it and I’ll be in Portland next month attending BizarroCon!

A red-haired witch with steel fingers, dragged unconscious from the currents of the Adrenaline River. An isolated researcher suffering from a disease called the Gag. Covens of stoned witches dancing to techno in the forest. A punk whose specialty is replacing body parts with metal replicas. Sleepwalkers who don’t want to wake. Trees hiding a filthy secret—the result of a perverse dictator’s mind. A pink spy-swan, monitoring every move. A lyrical, dark and charming bizarro story of intrigue and discovery from a dimension just beyond ours.



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  1. Miquel Codony (@Qdony) / Oct 31 2012 08:35

    I’ll make sure to read this one 🙂

  2. My Fingers / Nov 21 2012 15:18

    yay! moltes mercès!

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