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22/11/2012 / Tamara

I’m back from Bizarro Con

And it was rad! I did a reading of Her Fingers, I drank Bizarro beer, bought new books and met amazing people. Bizarro highlights were:

  • Eraserhead Press’ Friday Party with awesome performances and readings, and beer. As always happens in most parties, the coolest stuff is in the kitchen
  • The Slow Poisoner seriously impressed me. I want all his merchandising
  • Zoë Welch’s dick sketchbook
  • I met my editor, Kevin Shamel. At last! In person!
  • I had two übercool workshops with Carlton Mellick and Brian Keene, who gave us outstanding tips for our writing careers
  • Laura Lee Bahr’s acceptance speech for Wonderland Award. She won Best Novel and made everybody cry!
  • Robert Devereaux, Jeff Burk and Rose O’ Keefe were favorite people!
  • The shocking performance of Shane McKenzie: noodles and fortune cookies
  • I met my fellow NBAs authors: Gabino, Gary, Shane, Joseph and Andy

A lot is going on for us this year and Her Fingers will be available in Amazon and many other bookstores very, very soon. I’ll keep you posted!


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