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06/01/2013 / Tamara

New Bizarro Author Series. Help us to spread the word!

Her Fingers is part of the New Bizarro Author Series 2012-2013. These series, an imprint of Eraserhead Press, bring new voices to bizarro and weird fiction every year, and basically they are a test to see how we manage to promote and sell our books, in order to become Eraserhead Press authors in the future. We must sell several hundred of each of our books in a year, so I would really appreciate if you help me to spread the word. The best way to do that is, of course, buying these books at Amazon or any other online bookshop. If you don’t buy Her Fingers, but you get to read it by any chance (I’ll be happy anyway), I’d really appreciate if:

  • you write a review on your blog/Goodreads/Amazon
  • you tweet about it or you post about it on your Facebook wall
  • you tell a friend or you buy him/her a copy as a present
  • you ask for it at your local library
  • you go to and tell our editors how much you loved the book!

Any of these will help me to bring you more weird stories in the future, both in English and Spanish, in which I’m already working.

The New Bizarro Authors are also S.T. Cartledge, Gabino Iglesias, J.W. Wargo Andy Adams and G. Arthur Brown, and these are their fantastic books. Go check them out!



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