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14/12/2013 / Tamara

A quick update for the folks out there that come to this web house from the US. I’m writing here mostly in Spanish but I do some notes in English at tumblr, so that’s the place to go. It’s been hectic these months and could not make it to BizarroCon this year but I certainly want to come back to Portland. Some new kids are taking this year’s NBA class and I hope to find a moment to read all their books soon cause they look rad. I’m getting a lot of writing done in Spanish, starting an imprint and putting together a bunch of my short stories at Cuarto acercamiento al ovni so it’s busy times, BUT I hope to start pitching new things in English next year and also submitting something cool for The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction. I’ve recently finished a female wrestling novella that I’d love to re-write in English. 2014 is going to be writerly tough too but also big time. No trips ahead but many movies. A couple of days ago I was watching THE PUNK SINGER doc —which I absolutely recommend— and I thought that I totally want to write a story inspired by Joan Jett. All my effort is still in recreating strong female role models. Keep you posted.


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